12 BirdieBalls and StrikePad Set

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BirdieBall is the limited flight practice golf ball that you can hit anywhere. It’s the best golf training aid invented this century. What’s so unique? It has a limited flight distance of 40 yards, but it feels and flies just like a real golf ball. It draws and it fades, but with a limited range so you can have your own backyard driving range. BirdieBall's heavy feel and accurate flight is truly amazing. BirdieBalls are made of a super polymer and are very durable. Aside from being plain fun, BirdieBalls are the best at-home practice ball in golf.

The accompanying StrikePad allows you to hit BirdieBalls anywhere. If you don’t have 40 yards of grass, you can throw the StrikePad down on pavement, concrete, the gym floor, or any other surface to be able to take golf anywhere. Even in grass, the StrikePad will prevent you from taking divots out of your lawn but still give you the feel of hitting down and through the ball. Our StrikePad also has the correct swing path illustrated on the surface, allowing you to visualize where your club should be in the critical impact zone. Great for golfers of all skill levels and golf instruction.

The Specifics

- 1 Dozen BirdieBalls and 1 StrikePad packaged in a set box with product instructions
- Dozen ball box dimensions: 7.75" x 5.5" x 2"
- Comes with four different BirdieBall logo colors (3 green, 3 black, 3 red, 3 blue)
- StrikePad dimensions: 12” x 24”
- StrikePad has swing path illustrations on the hitting surface, and foam backing on the underside


Our patented tech makes sure your practice pays off!


A friend turned us on to (BirdieBall) while in shelter in place during COVID. It has been the perfect supplement for practice our short game while courses are closed.

Kathy P.

These birdie balls feel just like golf balls, but don't go nearly as far. I use them mostly for chipping but like to get full strokes on them too. Great product!

Drew O.


Shave strokes with our putting greens.