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BirdieBall is the limited flight practice golf ball that you can hit anywhere. It is the best golf training aid invented this century (not to brag but…). What’s so unique? It has a limited flight distance of 40 yards, but feels and flies just like a real golf ball. It draws and fades, but with a limited flight range, so you can have your own backyard driving range.

When you hit a golf ball it spins in reverse on its axis. If that axis is horizontal, the ball goes straight. Tilt the axis right or left, and the ball will slice or hook. The BirdieBall is about half the weight of a golf ball, but its non-aerodynamic shape before it’s hit, causes you to feel resistance on the club head-this makes it feel like a golf ball on impact. You’ll know you’ve made good contact by the gratifying sound and feel after a pure strike!

With BirdieBalls, you can take golf anywhere. Great for backyards, neighborhoods, parks, schools, parking lots, the beach...anywhere! Our StrikePad maximizes the places you can take BirdieBalls to be hit safely.

Everyone! BirdieBalls are perfect for beginners, and an ideal introduction to the game of golf. They are just as useful to seasoned golfers looking to get great practice without needing to go to the driving range. You don’t even need to consider yourself a “golfer” to enjoy hitting the BirdieBall around just for fun!

On average, BirdieBalls fly about 40 yards with a 6 iron. The exact distance depends on a number of factors, including your swing speed, the club used, and the presence of wind. As you club up, the distance will increase a few yards. The Velocity Tee will allow you to tee up the BirdieBall and use a driver or fairway wood. When hitting them with a driver, they can fly up to 60 yards.

Yes! You can take a half/quarter swing to practice your chip shots. The BirdieTarget is a great accessory for this application!

Yes! With The Velocity Tee, you can tee the BirdieBall up to practice with the clubs that even pros have a difficult time keeping consistent! Each pack of Velocity Tees comes with 2 tees: 1 for driver and 1 for fairway woods.

The StrikePad allows you to practice anywhere, even off of concrete, asphalt, or dirt. You won't damage your clubs on the ground, and you won't tear up your lawn with your clubs, thus saving your marriage. Anywhere you have 40 yards; you now have your own driving range. You can now improve your game at home, in the park, while on vacation, or on a business trip.

No. In fact they are probably best right off the freshly mown grass. However, because using a StrikePad prevents lawn damage, you can take them to the park or softball field. Your wife or husband won't get mad if you use the StrikePad and BirdieBalls in the yard. Best of all the StrikePad allows you to hit golf balls in places that you never would have thought to hit them before. You can hit BirdieBalls in the parking lot, off of a frozen lake, off of the beach and even off of the deck of a houseboat. You will be amazed by how the StrikePad allows you to hit down and through, releasing your golf club on impact.

Like any plastic, BirdieBalls can crack and have a finite life. There are a few factors that affect the crackability: if the balls are being hit in temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, high club speed, the amount of times they have been struck, and the surface on which the balls are landing. If the balls land on something that can cause a defect on the ball, the weakened spot can crack when struck. If your BirdieBalls do crack, it is safest to not hit the ball again.

While the BirdieBall is much safer to use than a golf ball, they can still break windows (especially when from a close range)!

Yep they sure do ! Allowing for fun summer entertainment at the lake or pool.

Yes! US Patent # 7,300,357 & EU Patent # 1494766


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