Top-down view of the ShufflePutt indoor putting green at home
Close-up view of a stack of ShufflePutt Putting mats
Blemished ShufflePutt
Blemished ShufflePutt
Blemished ShufflePutt
Blemished ShufflePutt
Close-up view of a “2nd” slightly blemished putting green
Blemished ShufflePutt

Blemished ShufflePutt

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While supplies last! Take advantage of up to 50% savings by snagging an off-spec ShufflePutt! There are two categories of Blemished ShufflePutts: 2nds and 3rds, and the following list of blemishes may be present on the mats.

The "2nds" are barely off spec and just have slight print mistakes and/or other small imperfections. These are 100% functional and simply do not meet our quality standards for full price ShufflePutts.  (Some examples include ink overspray, print slightly off center, and faded ink, very small divots in the material, and mis-colored hole plugs). Priced at 25% off!

The "3rds" are generally print mishaps that have affected the functionality of the ShufflePutt game. This includes prints that are on only half of the mat and small divots in the material. Priced at 50% off!


This fun game combines the age old favorite, shuffleboard, with putting! Take turns putting your colored balls down the mat, trying to land your balls in one of the scoring areas. Try to score the most points, but also try to keep your balls safe from being knocked out of the scoring zones by the other player. Make it interesting by going for the cup to score 4 points, but be careful! If you miss the cup, you'll be in the ZERO zone, and score no points. 

Like all of our putting mats, ShufflePutt is also unique in that it has two stimp speeds in one putting mat.  The speed will be faster going down grain, and slower going into the grain. This makes the game more challenging and provides an understanding of the effects of putting into and down grain on a natural putting green. The ShufflePutt putting green mats are made in our Medium Speed range (10-11). This means the speed will be an 11 on the Stimpmeter when putting down grain, and a 10 on the Stimpmeter when putting into the grain. 

Please Note: ShufflePutt is an indoor mat and will not withstand being used outdoors

  • Genuinely True Roll
  • Medium Stimp Speed (10-11)
  • Two-speed Grain offering dynamic speed control
  • Feel like you are on a natural green with our patented foam technology
  • Realistic Drop-in cups & Extraction Flags (without a contrived ramp)
  • Rolled Flat
  • Multiple sizes and configurations to fit your needs
  • Rolls up for easy storage
  • Always lays flat after storage
  • Easily make breaks and contours
  • Have fun while getting accurate putting practice
  • Great for the whole family

Our Classic Indoor Putting Greens are half an inch thick, lightweight, and easily rolled away. This state-of-the-art putting surface features two stimp speeds so you can practice putting both into the grain and against the grain on the same surface. The only true-rolling putting mat on the market.

  • Bi-Directional/Dual Stimp Blemished ShufflePutt Putting Mat (half an inch deep | Medium Stimp (10-11) | choose size)
  • Two Holes (1A + 1B - holes centered six inches from the ends)
  • Two Standard Cups
  • Two Extraction Flags (15 inches tall)

Two Heavy Rubber Bumpers (one for each end of the green)

Experience the only true-rolling green on the market, boasting authentic grain and stimp speeds. At BirdieBall, we've harnessed the power of patented aerated foam technology to replicate the feel of a natural grass putting green. Our putting mats were meticulously crafted with the discerning golfer in mind, recognizing the significance of an authentic roll, grain, and speed.

Renowned as the Best Indoor Putting Green by My Golf Spy, BirdieBall's revolutionary Patented Tech has transformed at-home putting practice. Expertly rolled flat and featuring convenient drop-in cups, our mats empower you to finally shave strokes off your short game. They are also portable and lightweight, allowing for easy storage as they retain their perfect flatness, ensuring a consistent roll every single time.


Our greens have been meticulously engineered to provide an exceptional putting experience. The angled nubs of artificial grass, carefully designed with a grain, offer you the opportunity to practice putting both into and down the grain, all on the same incredible surface.


Why settle for anything less than the best? Our BirdieBall Green surpasses natural greens with its use of an aerated polymer. This incredible material simulates the texture and feel of a natural putting surface. The spongy base mirrors the root system of a real green, while the grain fibrils faithfully imitate the characteristics of genuine grass, including the direction of the grain.


Experience the thrill of a true roll, just like on a natural putting green. The ball glides smoothly on our BirdieBall putting green, thanks to the dead flat, spongy sub-base that perfectly replicates the natural surface. The nubs of grass carefully control the speed, ensuring an authentic putting experience. No other competitor surface can offer this level of realism and precision.


Just like a natural putting green, our BirdieBall putting greens share a crucial element: a flat roll. Just like on natural greens, our surfaces are meticulously rolled flat to guarantee optimal performance and consistent results.


We understand the importance of convenience during your practice sessions. That's why we've thoughtfully designed our drop-in cups and extraction flags. These innovative features allow the flag to effortlessly extract the balls from the hole, providing you with the best drop-in feel available on the market.

Putting Mat Dimensions

Choice of:

2' x 10' | 2' x 12' | 4' x 12'| 4' x 14'

All BirdieBall Putting Greens are measured in nominal inches. In order to get the green packed in a box for shipping, along with the hand crafted nature of our greens, the measurements can vary slightly.

4' wide greens will be in the following range: 46" - 48" wide

2' wide greens will be in the following range: 23" - 25" wide


Get ready for an exciting putting experience with our easy assembly process. Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Unroll the putting surface: It's as simple as that! Roll out your putting surface and prepare for some golfing fun.
  2. Install the cups/flags: Place the cups or flags securely in the designated spots. They'll guide you toward those satisfying putts.
  3. Snap on your bumpers: Attach the bumpers to create a defined boundary for your putting area. This way, you'll stay on track with every stroke.

The entire assembly process takes only 5-10 minutes. It's quick and easy, so you can spend more time perfecting your putting skills!


To ensure the longevity of your indoor putting green, let's take some tips from the pros:

  • INDOOR use only: Our putting greens are designed for indoor enjoyment. If you're looking to take your game outside or need a green for high-traffic areas, check out our specialized outdoor/indoor putting greens.
  • Treat it with care: Think of your indoor putting green as a natural green on a golf course. Just like you wouldn't walk in someone's line, take a chip shot, or wear high heels on a real green, avoid doing these things on your indoor surface. Such actions can cause damage. Treat it with respect, and it will reward you with years of enjoyment!


Keeping your green clean is a breeze with these two simple steps:

  • Brush away debris: Use a stiff broom to gently brush off any loose dirt or debris. This will keep your putting surface looking pristine and ready for action.
  • Spot clean with mild soap and water: If you notice any stubborn dirt or stains, lightly clean the affected areas with a mixture of mild soap and water. This will help maintain the overall cleanliness of your green.

Remember, avoid using a vacuum on your green as the rotating drum can damage the surface. Stick to these easy cleaning methods, and your BirdieBall Indoor putting mat will continue to shine brightly for years to come!


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