wide view shot of the indoor putting green
The Bigger-is-Better Ultimate Putting Package (4' x 20'- 4' x 30')
The Bigger-is-Better Ultimate Putting Package (4' x 20'- 4' x 30')
close up of our portable indoor putting matt  rolled up, ready to store.
wide view of the indoor putting green standing in the corner of the room, rolled up and stored in our zippered storage bag.
The Bigger-is-Better Ultimate Putting Package (4' x 20'- 4' x 30')
The Bigger-is-Better Ultimate Putting Package (4' x 20'- 4' x 30')
The Bigger-is-Better Ultimate Putting Package (4' x 20'- 4' x 30')
The Bigger-is-Better Ultimate Putting Package (4' x 20'- 4' x 30')
The Bigger-is-Better Ultimate Putting Package (4' x 20'- 4' x 30')
The Bigger-is-Better Ultimate Putting Package (4' x 20'- 4' x 30')
The Bigger-is-Better Ultimate Putting Package (4' x 20'- 4' x 30')
The Bigger-is-Better Ultimate Putting Package (4' x 20'- 4' x 30')
The Bigger-is-Better Ultimate Putting Package (4' x 20'- 4' x 30')
The Bigger-is-Better Ultimate Putting Package (4' x 20'- 4' x 30')
The Bigger-is-Better Ultimate Putting Package (4' x 20'- 4' x 30')

The Bigger-is-Better Ultimate Putting Package (4' x 20'- 4' x 30')

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Best Value! The bigger the green, the better the value. Plus, you save $15 with the Ultimate Putting Package! 


The only true-rolling green on the market with authentic grain and stimp speeds. BirdieBall uses a patented aerated foam technology that simulates a natural grass putting green. BirdieBall putting mats were created for the discerning golfer who understands the importance of an authentic roll, grain, and speed.

Named the Best Indoor Putting Green by My Golf Spy, BirdieBall’s Patented Tech has revolutionized at-home putting practice. Rolled perfectly flat with drop-in cups, you will finally be able to start shaving strokes off your short game. BirdieBall mats are portable and lightweight, and can be rolled up for storage.  They will continue to lay flat, for a perfect roll, every time. Does your current practice green just look the part? Don’t waste your time and money practicing on a surface that does not produce a true roll. Discover the BirdieBall difference today.

  • Authentic True Roll
  • Adjustable Stimp Speeds
  • Authentic Dual Grain technology
  • Patented foam technology offers a spongy feel that mimics a real putting green
  • Realistic Drop-in cups & Extraction Flags (without a contrived ramp)
  • Rolled Flat
  • Find a size and configuration that fits your needs
  • Easy storage—Just roll up and go
  • Lays flat after storage
  • Easily create breaks and contours
  • Change your Stimp Speed at Home- the speed of the green can be manipulated using a stiff brush to either slow down or speed up your green. Brush against the grain to slow down your surface, or brush with the grain to speed up your surface.

Our Classic Indoor Putting Greens are half an inch thick, light weight, and easily rolled away. This state-of-the-art putting surface features two stimp speeds so you can practice putting both into the grain and against the grain on the same surface. The only true-rolling putting mat on the market.

  • Bi-Directional Indoor Putting Mat (half an inch deep) (choose size and stimp speed)
  • Six Holes (3A + 3B: outside holes one foot from each end and center hole 18 inches from each end)
  • Six standard Cups + 1 High-Back Cup (to practice extra firm putts)
  • Six Extraction Flags (15 inches tall)
  • Six Heavy Rubber Bumpers (three for each end of the green to create a U-Shape)
  • One Hole Reducer Insert (reduces the size of the hole to a two-and-a-half-inch diameter)
  • One Hole Deepening Shim (makes the hole a full inch deep when placed underneath the green)
  • Six Hole Plugs (plug up one or more, so you can choose the number of open holes at any given time)
  • Putting Mirror with protective sleeve
  • Contour Shims and Challenging Hole Reducers

Contour Shims Include:

  • One Double Depth Cup (one inch deep) Use to position the shim underneath a hole and lock it in place. Deepen the hole and create an uphill break
  • 18-inch Circle Shim (half an inch thick) Has two different hole placement options to create different breaks into the hole
  • 12-inch Circle Shim (half an inch thick)
  • Six-inch Circle Shim (half an inch thick)
  • Three Snake Shims (half an inch thick)
  • Six Hole Reducers of varying depths and shapes include: Circle "donut" Hole Reduction Insert | Half Moon Hole Reduction Insert | Small Crescent Hole Reduction Insert

The difference is in the patented putting surface. BirdieBall's proprietary foam technology sets our greens apart and makes them roll true.

Competitors who assert that they offer a genuine rolling experience are simply not being honest in their marketing. It is scientifically impossible to achieve a true roll on a surface manufactured using a loom, such as turf or carpet. These materials inherently possess patterns that are derived from their weaving process. Consequently, when your ball traverses such a surface, it will inevitably follow the pattern created by the weave. Hence, it is unattainable to achieve a genuine roll on these types of putting greens. In contrast, our foam technology stands alone as the best putting mat technology worldwide that produces a flawlessly smooth, level, and pattern-free surface for your ball to effortlessly roll upon.

BirdieBall putting greens stand alone as the sole solution for achieving the essential true roll required for effective putting practice. These greens refuse to manipulate the ball's roll, unlike other competing alternatives. When observing rival greens, one can easily detect a noticeable "wobble" in the ball's movement as it traverses the surface. This unmistakable indication reveals that the ball is following the woven pattern rather than maintaining a genuinely smooth roll. In contrast, BirdieBall putting greens are not constructed using weaving techniques, making them the exclusive choice for a crystal-clear view of your putting stroke on every occasion.


Our putting greens incorporate a patented design featuring a grain. Utilizing angled nubs of artificial grass, you can practice your putting strokes in both the direction of the grain and against it, all on the same surface.


To simulate the natural feel of a putting surface, we employ an aerated polymer material. The spongy base faithfully replicates the texture of a natural green's root system, while the grain fibrils accurately mimic real grass and its grain direction.


Both on a natural green and a BirdieBall green, the ball rolls atop a flat, spongy sub-base where the grass nubs regulate its speed. This unique rolling experience cannot be replicated on any other surface except Birdie Balls’ putting greens. The essential element for achieving a genuine roll is the dead flat, spongy sub-base.


Both natural putting greens and BirdieBall putting greens are expertly rolled flat, ensuring a consistent and even surface.


Our thoughtful design includes drop-in cups and extraction flags for utmost convenience. The flags are specifically designed to effortlessly remove the balls from the holes, providing you with the best drop-in experience available on the market.

Putting Mat Dimensions

Choice of: 4' x 20' | 4' x 22' | 4' x 24'| 4' x 26' | 4' x 28' | 4' x 30'

All BirdieBall Putting Greens are measured in nominal inches. In order to get the green packed in a box for shipping, along with the hand crafted nature of our greens, the measurements can vary slightly.

4' wide greens will be in the following range: 46" - 48" wide


To set up the putting surface, simply unroll it, attach the cups/flags, attach the bumpers, and you'll be ready to start putting. The entire assembly process takes about 5-10 minutes.


  • LIMITED TO INDOOR USE. Explore our range of outdoor/indoor putting greens if you require a green for outdoor or high-traffic settings.
  • In general, it is essential to handle your indoor putting green with the same level of caution as you would a natural green on a golf course. Consider actions that are inappropriate on a natural putting surface, such as: 
  • Stepping in someone's line
  • Attempting chip shots
  • Or walking in high heels. 
  • Engaging in these activities can result in damage to your indoor putting surface. The same actions that cause divots on a natural green can also harm your BirdieBall Indoor putting mat.

By treating your BirdieBall mat with care, you can ensure its longevity for years to come!


To keep your green clean, we recommend using a stiff broom to brush away any loose debris. For dirt removal, spot clean with mild soap and water. Avoid using a vacuum on the green, as the rotating drum on many vacuum cleaners can damage the surface.

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Our patented tech makes sure your practice pays off!
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