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2-in-1 putting mat. The PuttUp features a return ramp w/ long putt feedback. Use with the ramp to simulate putts up to 18' long, or remove ramp to have a flat 4' x 10' green.

Introducing the much anticipated PuttUp.  The PuttUp features our best-selling 4' x 10' Classic Indoor Putting Surface paired with the all new PuttUp incline ramp. Equipped with the same great features that set BirdieBall Indoor Putting Greens apart (true roll, grain, stimp-controlled, portable, etc.), you are now able to practice up to an 18' long putt on the most accurate rolling 4' x 10' putting surface on the market. In addition to the benefits of practicing speed control for multiple distances, the PuttUp incline will return missed putts to you, allowing you to practice with up to 44 golf balls at a time without moving from your position. Practice dead-flat putts by removing the ramp, or practice breaking putts with the ramp installed. Store the PuttUp away when not in use by easily rolling up the putting green and folding the ramp in half for storage.

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  • Practice multiple putt distances on one mat
  • Practice up to an 18-foot-long putt using only 10 feet of space
  • Simulate the true roll of a natural putting surface
  • Have missed putts returned to you down the ramp
  • Practice with up to 44 golf balls at a time (44 balls fit in the four deep aiming holes)
  • Easily roll your green up and fold your PuttUp in half for storage when not in use.
  • Practice both dead flat putts (when the ramp is removed) and breaking putts (when the ramp is installed)
  • Perfect your distances and speed control

The PuttUp ramp is removable and thus gives you two putting greens in one:

  • When the PuttUp ramp is removed, you have a dead-flat Classic 4 x 10-foot Indoor Putting Green (equipped with five holes with cups and flags)
  • When the PuttUp incline is installed, you have the ability to practice putts up to 18 feet long. The incline also assures that missed putts are returned to you, allowing for more meaningful repetition. Stay set up in one position, and misses will come back to you within your putter's reach. The PuttUp also allows you to practice breaking putts when adjusting your aim to account for a break.

How Does the PuttUp Work?

The BirdieBall PuttUp Ramp simulates scientifically calculated additional roll-out distance in a short space. This means that you can now practice longer putts in a very limited space. The energy needed to get the golf ball up the ramp simulates the energy needed to sink longer putts (10, 12, 15, and almost 18 feet).  With only 10 feet of space, you can now hone in your putting distance and speed of much longer putts. 

Four strategically placed deep holes on the green simulate over two-foot increments of roll-out distance. These four deep holes hold up to 44 golf balls!

  •  2-foot hole will simulate a 10-foot putt (when putting from the end of the green)
  •  4-foot hole will simulate a 13-foot putt (when putting from the end of the green)
  •  6-foot hole will simulate a 15-foot putt (when putting from the end of the green)
  •  8-foot hole will simulate an 18-foot putt (when putting from the end of the green)

One additional hole (center hole in the back) features a ball-catching disk that can be rotated for difficulty and provides perfect feedback for dead-on putts. Try to stop the ball in one of the four small holes for ultimate accuracy.

  • 4 x 10-foot Classic Indoor Putting Green (Medium Stimp 10-11)
  • PuttUp Ramp
  • Hole Liners to denote additional putt distance (four liners | +2, +4, +6, +8)
  • Five Holes (strategically placed to simulate additional roll-out distance)
  • Five Standard Cups (half an inch deep)
  • One Double Depth Cup (one inch deep) used to practice dead-on putts by trying to get the ball to rest in one of the four slots on the PuttUp ramp
  • Five Extraction Flags (15 inches tall)
  • Two End Bumpers (4-foot bumpers)

Four Side Bumpers (2-foot bumpers) to create a "U" shape around the end of the mat

Experience the only true-rolling green on the market, offering genuine grain and stimp speeds. What sets BirdieBall apart is our patented aerated foam technology, meticulously designed to replicate the feel of a natural grass putting green. Crafted specifically for golfers who appreciate an authentic roll, grain, and speed, BirdieBall putting mats are a game-changer.

Recognized as the Best Indoor Putting Green by My Golf Spy, BirdieBall's Patented Tech has revolutionized at-home putting practice. Our mats are flawlessly rolled flat and feature convenient drop-in cups, empowering you to finally start trimming strokes off your short game. Portable and lightweight, they can be effortlessly rolled up for storage, ensuring consistent performance every time you unroll them.


Get ready to take your putting game to new heights with our exceptional greens. We've revolutionized the art of putting with our engineered angled nubs of artificial grass. These nubs are designed to allow you to practice putting both into the grain and down grain on the same putting surface.


On a natural putting green, the ball rolls on the spongy sub-base that is rolled flat. The speed of the ball is controlled by the nubs of grass. This is exactly how the ball rolls on a BirdieBall putting green. A true-rolling putting green is simply not possible on any other competitor's surface. In order to have a true roll, the dead flat, spongy sub-base is critical.


When you putt on a natural green, the ball glides smoothly on the spongy sub-base while being guided by the nubs of grass. Well, that's exactly what our BirdieBall putting green offers. Our competitors simply can't match the authentic roll you'll experience on our greens. It's all thanks to our dead flat, spongy sub-base that plays a crucial role in delivering that genuine putting experience you've been longing for.


For that professional touch, both our natural putting greens and BirdieBall putting greens are rolled flat, as to not leave any stone unturned when it comes to ensuring a level playing field. 


We believe in providing the ultimate convenience and enjoyment for our customers. That's why we've meticulously designed our drop-in cups and extraction flags. With a thoughtful approach, our flags are expertly crafted to effortlessly extract the balls out of the hole, making your practice sessions hassle-free. 

Putting Mat Dimensions

4' x 10'

All BirdieBall Putting Greens are measured in nominal inches. In order to get the green packed in a box for shipping, along with the hand crafted nature of our greens, the measurements can vary slightly.

4' wide greens will be in the following range: 46" - 48" wide


Setting up your putting surface is a breeze! Just unroll it, place the cups/flags, attach the bumpers, and you're good to go. The entire assembly process takes only 5-10 minutes.


Please note that our indoor putting green is designed for INDOOR use only. If you require a green for outdoor or high-traffic applications, check out our outdoor/indoor putting greens.

When it comes to caring for your indoor putting green, it's important to treat it with the same level of care as a natural green on a golf course. Imagine actions you wouldn't do on a natural putting surface, such as walking in someone's line, taking chip shots, or wearing high heels. These activities can cause damage to your indoor putting surface, just as they would on a natural green. By handling your BirdieBall Indoor putting mat with care, you can enjoy its durability for years to come!


Maintaining a clean green is easy. Simply use a stiff broom to brush away any loose debris. Gently clean any dirt spots with mild soap and water, and avoid using a vacuum cleaner, as the rotating drum can damage the surface.

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Our patented tech makes sure your practice pays off!
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