4' x 14' Deluxe Package
4' x 14' Deluxe Package
4' x 14' Deluxe Package
4' x 14' Deluxe Package
4' x 14' Deluxe Package
4' x 14' Deluxe Package
4' x 14' Deluxe Package
4' x 14' Deluxe Package
4' x 14' Deluxe Package
4' x 14' Deluxe Package

4' x 14' Deluxe Package

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The Specifics
Our Classic Indoor Putting Greens are ½” thick, light weight, and easily rolled away. This state-of-the-art putting surface features two stimp speeds so you can practice putting both into the grain and against the grain on the same surface.
  • Customize your speed and practice relative to the grain
  • Ball drops into the cup without a contrived ramp
  • Roll up the green at any time and store it away
  • The green will continue to lay flat after storage
  • Easily create breaks and contours
About BirdieBall Indoor Putting Greens

We know that when it comes to putting, perfect feedback means perfect practice. The quest for a true-rolling surface led to the development of an indoor putting green that performs exactly like a natural putting green.  Gone are the days of putting on your carpet, or that dingy artificial turf. Welcome to the new age of putting practice… where your putting stroke rolls true,  and you can customize a green perfectly tailored to your needs. BirdieBall putting greens are manufactured using a patented, aerated foam technology, with authentic grain and stimp speeds. The BirdieBall Putting Green simulates the grain on a real putting green. It is engineered to be stimp-controlled, allowing you to specify how fast or slow you want your putting green. Competitor greens made with fake plastic grass are not what a natural putting green looks or feels like. A natural putting green surface is comprised of nubs of grass that allow the ball to be supported on the very top of the hyper-short blade. Our putting green surface acts the exact same way.   Rolled perfectly flat with drop-in cups, you will finally be able to start shaving strokes off your short game.  Our greens are portable and lightweight, and can be rolled up for storage.  They will continue to lay flat, for a perfect roll, every time. Does your current practice green just look the part? Don’t waste your time and money practicing on a surface that does not produce a true roll. Discover the BirdieBall difference today.

What's included with this package?
  • 4' x 14' bi-directional/dual stimp putting mat (choose stimp speed)
  • 4 holes (3A: outside holes 12" from end and center hole 18" from end + 1B: hole centered 18" from end)
  • 4 standard cups + 1 high-back cup (to practice extra firm putts)
  • 4 extraction flags (15" tall)
  • 6 heavy rubber bumpers (three for each end of the green to create a U-Shape)
  • 1 hole reducer Insert (reduces the size of the hole to 2 ½” diameter)
  • 1 hole deepening shim (makes the hole a full 1” deep when placed underneath the green)
  • 3 hole plugs (plug up one or more, so you can choose the number of open holes at any given time)


Our patented tech makes sure your practice pays off!
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