3' x 12' Customer Favorite Package
Low angle view of someone practicing on the best indoor putting green
3' x 12' Customer Favorite Package
Close-up view of the indoor putting mat  rolled up, ready to store.
3' x 12' Customer Favorite Package
3' x 12' Customer Favorite Package
3' x 12' Customer Favorite Package
3' x 12' Customer Favorite Package
3' x 12' Customer Favorite Package
3' x 12' Customer Favorite Package
3' x 12' Customer Favorite Package

3' x 12' Customer Favorite Package

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The only true-rolling green on the market with authentic grain and stimp speeds. BirdieBall uses a patented aerated foam technology that simulates a natural grass putting green. BirdieBall putting mats were created for the discerning golfer who understands the importance of an authentic roll, grain, and speed.

Named the Best Indoor Putting Green by My Golf Spy, BirdieBall’s Patented Tech has revolutionized at-home putting practice. Rolled perfectly flat with drop-in cups, you will finally be able to start shaving strokes off your short game. BirdieBall mats are portable and lightweight, and can be rolled up for storage.  They will continue to lay flat, for a perfect roll, every time. Does your current practice green just look the part? Don’t waste your time and money practicing on a surface that does not produce a true roll. Discover the BirdieBall difference today.

  • Authentic Roll
  • Fully-adjustable Stimp Speeds
  • Modifiable Grain - Practice putting both down grain and against the grain on the same surface
  • Our patented foam technology mimics a real green — watch your footprint appear and disappear just like on a natural green
  • Realistic Drop-in cups & Extraction Flags (without a contrived ramp)
  • Rolled Flat
  • Find a size and configuration that fits your needs
  • Rolls up for easy storage
  • Continues to lay flat after storage
  • Easily create breaks and contours
  • Change your Stimp Speed at Home- the speed of the green can be manipulated using a stiff brush to either slow down or speed up your green. Brush against the grain to slow down your surface, or brush with the grain to speed up your surface.

Our Classic Indoor Putting Greens are half an inch thick, light weight, and easily rolled away. This state-of-the-art putting surface features two stimp speeds so you can practice putting both into the grain and against the grain on the same surface. The only true-rolling putting mat on the market.

  • 3 x 12-foot Bi-Directional/Dual Stimp Putting Mat (half an inch deep | choose stimp speed)
  • Three Holes (2A: holes one foot from the end + 1B: hole centered 18 inches from the end)
  • Three Standard Cups + one High-Back Cup (to practice extra firm putts)
  • Three Extraction Flags (15 inches tall)
  • Full Bumpers (to cover full perimeter of the green)
  • One Hole Reducer Insert (reduces the size of the hole to a two-and-a-half-inch diameter)
  • One Hole Deepening Shim (makes the hole a full inch deep when placed underneath the green)

Three Hole Plugs (plug up one or more, so you can choose the number of open holes at any given time)

BirdieBall is revolutionizing the game of golf with our patented putting surface that you won’t find anywhere else. Our proprietary foam technology ensures that our greens are truly unique and that they roll true every single time. 

If you've been searching for a putting mat that produces a true roll, you may have come across competitors that falsely advertise their products. It may seem implausible, but it's impossible to get a true roll on a surface that is made on a loom, such as turf or carpet. The inherent pattern present in these materials will cause the ball to follow the pattern of the weave, resulting in an inaccurate roll. That's why our perfect putting mat is the only putting technology in the world that produces a smooth, flat, pattern-free surface for your ball to roll on — guaranteeing a true roll every time.

We've cracked the code to deliver the ultimate true-roll experience, essential for meaningful practice. Say goodbye to wobbles and wild deviations that you get with competitor greens! You deserve a smooth, uninterrupted roll, not one dictated by pesky weave patterns. Unlike woven products, our innovative BirdieBall greens provide a pristine canvas for your putting stroke, guaranteeing a pure, unadulterated experience every single time.


Our putting greens are specially designed with a textured pattern. The slanted artificial grass protrusions enable you to practice putting in both the same direction and against the grain on the same surface.


To replicate a natural putting surface, we utilize an aerated polymer material. The resilient base imitates the sponge-like root system found in natural greens, while the fiber strands imitate real grass and its directional grain.


Similar to a natural putting green, our BirdieBall putting green allows the ball to roll on a smooth, compressed sub-base. The speed of the ball is regulated by the grass protrusions. Achieving a genuine rolling experience is only possible on a BirdieBall putting green due to the essential requirement of a completely level and springy sub-base.


Both natural putting greens and BirdieBall putting greens are expertly flattened and smoothed.


Our ingeniously designed cups are all about convenience. No more fumbling around or awkwardly fishing out your balls; our cups allow the flag to easily extract the balls from the hole.

Putting Mat Dimensions

3' x 12'

All BirdieBall Putting Greens are measured in nominal inches. In order to get the green packed in a box for shipping, along with the hand crafted nature of our greens, the measurements can vary slightly.

3' wide greens will be in the following range: 34" - 36" wide


Setting up your putting green is a breeze! Simply roll out the putting surface, attach the cups/flags, and secure the bumpers - the whole process takes only 5-10 minutes. Once you're done, you're all set to start putting!


  • For indoor use only. Check out our outdoor/indoor putting greens if you need to use your green outside or in high-traffic applications.
  • When using your BirdieBall Indoor putting mat, it's important to remember to treat it with the same care as you would a natural putting surface at a golf course. Walking in someone's line, taking chip shots, and wearing high heels can all damage the surface — just like it would on a real green. So, it's best to avoid these activities when using your putting mat to ensure its longevity.

When treated with care, your BirdieBall mat will last for years!


Keeping your green clean doesn't have to be a hassle. The best way to do it is by brushing it with a stiff broom to remove any loose debris. To remove dirt, spot clean with mild soap and water, but avoid using a vacuum, as the rotating drum can tear up the surface. With just a few simple steps, your green will be looking clean and pristine in no time!

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Our patented tech makes sure your practice pays off!
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