Close 2 Pin, Backyard Chipping Game!
Close 2 Pin, Backyard Chipping Game!
Close 2 Pin, Backyard Chipping Game!

Close 2 Pin, Backyard Chipping Game!

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Can You Get Close 2 Pin?

Close 2 Pin provides the excitement of golf in your own backyard in a new game that is fun for the whole family. Comes with a plastic "Pin" and four colored foam golf balls. Recommended for golfers age 3 and older. Play as individuals or in teams. Test your golf skills to see if you can get Close 2 Pin! 

  • Close 2 Pin is a fun new way to enjoy golf = Golf + Bocce + H.O.R.S.E
  • The perfect game to play with the whole family or just work on your short game in the backyard
  • Challenge your friends as individuals or play as teams
  • Close 2 Pin is easy to transport and play anywhere, making it a great camping and vacation game
  • Score points by hitting your ball toward the Pin and landing closer than your opponents
  • A “Hole-in-Won” occurs if you land your ball into the Pin.

Close 2 Pin Features:

  • Backyard Golf Game
  • One (1) durable plastic "Pin"
  • Includes four (4) colored high density foam golf balls
  • One (1) scorecard and simple game rules
  • One (1) carrying bag with cinch cord for easy storage and transportation
  • Recommended for golfers age 3 and older - Great introduction to the game of golf!

How to Play:

  • Select play space, obstacles and distance - the more difficult, the more rewarding
  • Place the Pin on ground, flat side down
  • Using your golf wedge club, hit the Pin into play
  • Each player uses their selected colored ball to hit toward the Pin – make sure to avoid out-of-bounds areas.
  • A ball hit out of bounds results in the loss of 1 point
  • After each player has hit their ball, whomever is "Close 2 Pin" wins 1 point
  • The winner of each round is the first to hit the Pin into play for the next round
  • Play continues until a player wins the agreed upon amount of points - 3, 6, 9, 18, etc. Make it up as you go!
  • If a player lands their ball into the Pin - they receive a "Hole in Won" and the game is over!

Made under license agreement from BirdieBall, Inc. 

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