Target Golf Game
Target Golf Game
Target Golf Game
Target Golf Game

Target Golf Game

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The Target Golf Game allows you to play a round of golf in your backyard or on your lake!

Here at BirdieBall, we enjoy seeing how other companies can incorporate the BirdieBall into their games and golf scoring systems.  TARGET GOLF is an independent company that has developed a target which can be assembled quickly to play a fun backyard game (scored much like conventional golf).  As a stocked re-seller, we have a very special introductory price of $650 (Currently on SALE at $499!).

TARGET GOLF is a Portable Golf Game and a new and exciting way to learn, practice, or play golf.  The game can be played by anyone, in a fraction of the time of a real golf game!

Target Golf is an addictive, fun game! The game is played with real golf clubs, limited flight floating golf balls (BirdieBalls), and a patented target & scoring system. BirdieBalls allow the game to be played with much less space than a real golf course.

What's Included?

- 1 "Target Golf" Target featuring 3 concentric circles and a basket in the center (can be used on land or floats in water)

    • Largest Circle - 18.5' diameter
    • Middle Circle - 12' diameter 
    • Inner Circle - 6' diameter 
    • Center Basket - 18" diameter 

- Carry Bag for Target

- 100 BirdieBalls

- 2 StrikePads

Scoring System

The scoring system is relative to being over or under Par. Par is equal to zero (or even). A value is placed on the 5 different scoring zones, delineated by the concentric circles. 

The score is determined by the final lie of the BirdieBall, regardless of any bounce or deflection.

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