Putting Mirror
Putting Mirror
Putting Mirror
Putting Mirror
Putting Mirror

Putting Mirror

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 Key Features

  • Reinforce your eye placement relative to the golf ball and putter face
  • Use the improved slotting feature to reinforce your putter path
  • Create consistency and repetition in how you address and align your putt, and in your putting stroke

BirdieBall introduces an improved Putting Mirror.  Like all putting mirrors, the BirdieBall Putting Mirror is a reflective, unbreakable mirror that shows you where your eyes are relative to both the golf ball and the putter face.  The Putting Mirror has a slot for the golf ball as well as lines to indicate square relative to the putter face (as well as your shoulders).  

What makes the BirdieBall Putting Mirror unique?

There is improved slotting which allows you to place tees to repeat your unique putter path.  Get your eyes in the right place! Now you can see whether you have your eyes over and slightly behind the ball.  The mirror works fine if just set on the putting surface, and does not have to be secured in place.  You can, however, use push pins or tees to affix to your BirdieBall putting green or a natural green.  Pins and tees can also be used to reinforce the putter path that you desire.  Watch your repeated putting stroke, it may not be straight back and through, it may be on a slight arc.  To reinforce this arc, place the pins or wooden golf tees in that pattern with enough room for the putter head to travel through.   Continue to tighten the gap as you continue to reinforce the path.


    Includes putting mirror (16" x 10") with scratch protective packaging

    Tips on how to use your putting mirror

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