Zach Johnson wins The Open Championship.

Well, I have to admit... Can we all admit it?  We did not see that coming. I don't think many in the golf world saw this coming.  Zach Johnson, the past Masters' champion shoots 66 today at the Olde Course at St. Andrews to win The Open Championship.  All eyes were on Jordan Spieth and Paul Dunne (a) both on the verge of making history.  Jordan was there in the end Paul Dunne felt the pressure of the opportunity and shot a 78 to finish tied for 30th.

Thanks to everyone for playing and congratulations to Zach Johnson a generous and gracious and yes vastly underrated winner. Stan Sayers, lead instructor at Colorado Golf Club, the host of both the PGA Senior Open and Solheim Cup and one of Zach Johnsons instructors told me a story about how good a wedge player he is. On the driving range with 4' x 4' targets set out at 10 yard increments he did the ladder drill, going up from 20 yards to 120 yards hitting each target going up and each target going back down in 46 swings. Basically that is hitting the target on every other swing. A 16 square foot target as far as 120 yards away! Try it the next time you are on the range. Hard is an understatement. He might be the best wedge player in history.  Underrated is an understatement.  Here is to the guy who hits his driver like a normal human and hits his wedges like a super human.  This was supposed to be a tournament won by the bombers.  Over and over again, we were told the Old Course at St. Andrews is made for the long ball.  More reason to overlook Zach.

Reliable, nearly perfect wedge play and clutch putting got him his second major. Great job and well deserved. Iowa and Drakes' favorite son. I don't think you will be overlooked by the game of golf again!

So who won our putting green contest?  We had no Zach Johnson picks. Lots of Dustin Johnson picks just no Zach Johnson.  So, we had to go to the person who picked the second place finisher to win.  That was twitter follower @GanstaWannabe picking Louis Oosthuizen, the second place finisher. Congratulations!  A 4 x 14 putting green is on the way.