Cross Handed (Cack Handed) or Left Hand Low Putting Used by Some Dominant Putters

Top golfers like Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth have embraced an unconventional grip style known as left-hand-low, or the cross-handed, cack-handed putting grip. McIlroy's switch to this method was driven by a desire to lessen the influence of his right hand in his stroke, favoring a more pendulum-dominant movement. As more professionals turn to this method, many amateur golfers are eager to understand and adopt this alternative putting grip.

Why Cross-Handed Putting?

The cross-handed putting method changes the dynamics of the traditional putting stroke. By positioning the left hand below the right (for a right-handed golfer), this grip style encourages a more shoulder-driven stroke, reducing the impact of wrist action and promoting a smoother, more pendulum-like motion. This can help to improve consistency and control in your putting stroke.

Learning the Left-Hand-Low Method

Mastering the left-hand-low putting technique requires some guidance and practice. To get you started, we've compiled a selection of video tutorials that provide excellent step-by-step instructions:

These videos offer comprehensive insights into the cack-handed putting method, demonstrating grip positioning, stroke technique, and key tips for making the switch.

Try the Cross-Handed Method on Your Own Putting Green

Practicing new putting methods is the key to finding what works best for your game. BirdieBall’s indoor and outdoor putting greens provide the perfect platform for you to experiment with and master the cross-handed putting method. Good luck on the putting greens!

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