We want to reward your putting practice! Receive $100 in store credit when you execute the "Five Ball Pyramid Challenge"!

Thank you for your purchase of the BirdieBall Putting Green. 

We have a really fun way to reward you for your practice.

Five consecutive balls into one hole from ten feet away, on uncut video.  Four balls fit into the cup, the fifth ball must rest on top of the other four.  You must measure the spot you are putting from on video as well. Putt needs to be a minimum of 10' feet from front edge of cup.  Fifth ball has to be on top of the other four.  

We don't care how many tries it takes but it must be five in a row.

Yes, it is hard but you will be rewarded with $100 in BirdieBall Store Credit and you will be a part of the BirdieBall website featuring all who accomplish this feat.

Watch our  customer and printing supplier Dean get it done.  Thanks Dean!

This promotion ends November 1st, 2016, but you can always send us your accomplishment.  Who knows, we might be able to hook you up with some free goodies.

Note:  In order to have the balls align themselves in the hole properly it is best to use the base of a BirdieBall flag.  Flag stick can be pulled out of a base in order to have the base of the BirdieBall flag only.   We can also send you a BirdieBall flag base only to fit in your cup for the cost of shipping.