BirdieBall Founder, John Breaker is interviewed on Fox Television.
Great interview of John Breaker regarding BirdieBall Putting Green Mats and the family business!  
When choosing a practice putting mat, the cup and flag performance makes a big difference. We have 12 different cup,flag and hole options.
Not only does the BirdieBall Putting Mat have the truest rolling putting surface, it also has the industry's best cup design. BirdieBall Putting Mats are made thick, they are 1/2" deep.   This is accomplished while keeping the surface flat....
Pyramid Challenge. Five balls. The fifth crowns the other four!
Yes, it is possible to roll five consecutive golf balls to make the BirdieBall Pyramid Challenge. You roll four filling the BirdieBall cup and the fifth crowning the other four.  The first time, it took Dean Fallender many to make...