Pyramid Challenge. Five balls. The fifth crowns the other four!

Yes, it is possible to roll five consecutive golf balls to make the BirdieBall Pyramid Challenge. You roll four filling the BirdieBall cup and the fifth crowning the other four.  The first time, it took Dean Fallender many to make all five in a row.  Now it is much more routine.  Here he is doing it from 17 feet.  No, we did not capture all five, after four I rolled the camera for the fifth one.   We captured number five in slow motion.  Examine the roll of the ball on the putting green.  It rolls dead true.  If you are practicing your putting, putt on a surface that gives you the proper feedback.   

Here is all five on video.   Send us a video of you accomplishing this same feat from 10' feet and we will send you a sweet custom trophy and your name on the Wall of Fame in Evergreen, CO.  You will need a BirdieBall Putting Mat but that is OK.  If you are on this page you need one anyway.   So here is a way to have a goal in your putting practice.  In the end, if you accomplish the feet.  You will have, the hardware, your name the plaque at HQ and our unending respect.  So you will have that going for you..... which is nice.