Seaming and Deepening Your BirdieBall Putting Greens Require a DIY Component. End Result Is Well Worth It.

DIY..... "Do It Yourself".  It sounds intimidating but when you apply some basic assembly skills to the equation you can take a good product and make it great.

The Size of the Putting Green and the inability to roll up the Putting Green for shipping are two constraints that can't be ignored when trying to ship something across the United States and around the world.  

If you would like a realistically wide or deep putting green "some assembly is required".

We process our aerated polymer foam in 4' foot widths.  This is currently the widest that we can make the material. Further, anything thicker than 1/2" deep keeps us from rolling up the material to ship it properly.  As a result, anything wider than 4' feet has a seam, anything thicker than 1/2" requires adhering it away from the factory.

We have produced two videos (below) to introduce you to a few of the methods of making your putting surface wider and deeper than we can provide from the factory.  We have learned many of these methods from our customers over the years. We are always learning and always improving.  Please send us your methods and your photographs of the end result so that we can help others create a realistic practice putting surface for there homes and work places.  We are working hard to be the most cost effective and realistic indoor putting surface in the world.  We are humbled by the trust you have placed in us. Thanks to you, our beloved customers we believe that BirdieBall is the largest Indoor Putting Greens company in the United States and maybe the world!