Seaming and Deepening Your BirdieBall Putting Greens Require a DIY Component. End Result Is Well Worth It.

Embarking on a "Do It Yourself" project might seem daunting at first, but when you apply some fundamental assembly skills, you have the power to elevate a great product into something truly exceptional. In the context of BirdieBall's putting greens, DIY assembly offers a customizable approach to shaping your perfect putting surface.

Understanding the Constraints

BirdieBall's patented aerated polymer foam is produced in 4-foot widths, currently the broadest dimension we can create as one solid piece. Similarly, thickness beyond 1/2" restricts our ability to roll up the putting green for shipping. Given these constraints, any putting greens wider than 4 feet will need a seam, and thick putting greens thicker than 1/2" will require assembly at home. While you are able to purchase an 8’ wide putting surface from our Putting Green Builder, please be aware that there will be a seam running down the surface. You can save some money and opt to order two 4’ wide greens and seam them together yourself at home. 

Unlocking Wider and Deeper Greens

We've put together a couple of instructional videos to guide you through the process of making your putting surface both wider and deeper than what comes straight from the factory:

These DIY methods were learned from the most knowledgeable source: our customers. Their shared experiences have contributed significantly to our ongoing learning and improvement. We encourage you to share your own assembly techniques and photos of your customized greens. It's your input that helps us continue to develop the most cost-effective and realistic indoor putting green seaming solutions in the world.

Your Trust is Our Triumph

Thanks to the trust and support from our community, BirdieBall has grown to become a leading company in indoor and outdoor putting greens not only in the United States, but also worldwide. By taking on a DIY Putting Green project, you're not only personalizing your putting experience but also contributing to the growth of a passionate golfing community.


Customize Your Putting Green