Registered Trade Marks Need Permission For Printing. Even on BirdieBall Putting Greens.

We often get asked to print logos for NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB teams.  It may not be obvious but no we can not print their logo... even one at time.  

The other day we were asked to print the White Sox Logo on a BirdieBall Putting Green.  After communicating with the customer, it was clear that the customer was affiliated with the Chicago White Sox and that indeed we could get permission to print a single putting green.

So, getting permission is possible.  However, if you are not affiliated with the organization we would not recommend trying it.  Rarely, if ever will they grant that permission.  

So here is a Chicago White Sox, MLB, BirdieBall, Portable, Indoor Putting Green.  Printed with their permission.  Wish we could tell you who it is for.   Suffice to say...  Big Time Player!