Putt for hardware!! Really! Trophy and Name on the BirdieBall Wall of Fame.

If you have purchased a BirdieBall Putting Green we really appreciate your support.  To show our appreciation and reward your practice we have created the Five Ball Pyramid Challenge.  We have had five succeed from 10' and actually one documented from 20'.  It's hard.  It's a blast!

Here is how it works. 

- Using your BirdieBall Putting Green Mat measure ten feet from the front edge of the cup.

- Set up your video camera to record an un-interrupted five consecutive putts.

- Remove the flag stick from the flag base.  Put the flag base in the cup.  The flag base will align the first four golf balls.

- The first four golf balls can go in the cup and base in any order.

- The fifth golf ball must crown the other four golf balls and stop on top, creating a golf ball pyramid.

- Send us a link or send the video to john@birdieball.com so that we can verify the accomplishment.  Must be uncut and unmodified.

- We will send you the trophy.

If you would like to attempt this challenge and do not have a BirdieBall Putting Green, send me an email to john@birdieball.com and I will send a 20% off discount code.  Just mention you read this challenge blog!

Can it be done?  Absolutely!  We expect hundreds of winners.  Above is Dean from @greenbutler showing you how to do it in an uncut, unmodified video.   Below is the fifth ball from 17 feet.  We did not document the other four so it would not qualify for the trophy.  Fun to see the below video in slow motion!