Merry Christmas All!

Here at BirdieBall we love Christmas!  Not only because this our busy time of the year, but because as a family business we realize how blessed we really are.

When we founded this business 13 years ago we did not know that we would someday be the largest putting mat (putting green) company in the world but that we would have all six immediate family members working in the business.

The Breakers would like to thank you for allowing us to be an important part of the golf community.  Not only are we the largest indoor putting mat company in the world at the end of 2016 we have also sold over seven million BirdieBalls.

We are in 7,000 schools with introduction to golf classes.  This golf curriculum is second to none in terms of introducing young people to golf in almost every country in the world.  We are truly a game grower.  Golf is shrinking on the baby boomer end of the time line. We are doing everything we can to  grow golf with millennials.  

Top Golf is great for part of the fun equation of golf. BirdieBall and BirdieBall Putting Greens takes this to another level with the ability to take the skills learned to the golf course.

Merry Christmas to all.  Thank you to all of our customers who have made 2016 our best year yet. Golf is not dead, golf is about ready to have a new beginning as young people learn to enjoy the most challenging game in the history of the world.   

Like Robin Williams said in his famous rant on golf. Paraphrased: "You don't hit it with a stick, you hit it with a f@#%@^#& crooked stick"!  

Yes, it is hard. That is what makes it great. Merry Christmas to all!

The BirdieBall (Putting Green) Team.