HillStriker! Perfected Variable Stance and Lie Turf Mat. Easily rotated, moved, soft feel. Necessary piece of any instruction plan.

When a product is absolutely revolutionary, functional and cost effective we get excited to market it.   

HillStriker is one of those products.  The HillStriker is a perfected variable stance and variable lie turf hitting mat.  This solution has never been available at this price point.   Priced like a premium Nylon turf mat, you receive a premium Nylon turf mat with your choice of a 5, 10 or 15 degree slope!

But you don't have to use BirdieBalls.   Golf practice ranges around the country have a HillStriker for patrons to use at the driving range.   If you are an instructor, what more important part of the game can you be teaching than replicating the actual situations your students will encounter on the golf course.

So, take advantage of this amazing deal.  It won't last long.

Product Link: http://www.birdieball.com/hill-striker-lightweight-uphill-downhill-sidehill-simulating-turf/