Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is quickly approaching, so we'd thought we should share some awesome and unique gift ideas for your Dad!  Dad's are hard to buy for because they tend to already have everything they want... or so they think! For me, every year it is a toss up between getting my Dad yet another piece of merchandise from his favorite sports teams (go Buffs, go Broncos, go Avs!), grilling utensils, or something golf related. I tend to gravitate towards the later, because, let's be real, Dad's love golf, and who can blame them?

Luckily for you, we happen to specialize in the most unique and fun golf gifts on the market.  Gone are the days of getting your Dad yet another tacky head cover.  It's time to get Dad something he will really use and have a blast with.  Take a look at my top picks from BirdieBall- there's something for every budget and every golfer.

Our Top Picks

1) BirdieBall Back-and-Forth Set- $59.99

If you don't already know, a BirdieBall is a limited flight practice golf ball that feels and flies like a real ball, but only flies a max distance of 40 yards.  This means that Dad can get in hours of practice in his own backyard without having to go to the range.  What's even better is that Dad can practice by hitting back and forth with his favorite child (which will be you if you give him this set) or best buddy.  Do you remember playing catch in the backyard with your Dad?  This is the golfer's version of playing "catch"... it's not only extremely entertaining, but it will actually help to improve your Dad's swing.  Big Fun!  We are running a Father's Day Sepcial for this set, which will include:

- 12 BirdieBalls

- 2 StrikePads

- A FREE Velocity Tee (to practice with woods and driver)

2) Classic Indoor Putting Green- from $29.99

You cant go wrong with giving Dad the most realistic indoor putting green on the market.  With sizing options ranging anywhere between a 1' x 8' and an 8' x 18', you can certainly find a putting green within your budget and size restrictions. Our indoor greens are engineered to mimic the features of a real putting green, allowing you to be able to participate in meaningful practice right in your own home. Dad will thank you for shaving strokes off his game- the gift that keeps on giving.  We have two great Father's Day deals running on two of our best-selling sizes (see below).  Both include FREE storage bags (score!).

2' x 12' Green

4' x 14' Green

3) An insanely fun golf game inspired by an age-old Dutch shuffleboard game - Sjoelbak Golf - $129.00

When you can mix practice with a fun game, it's usually a win-win situation.  In this case, we have done exactly that.