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Whether you're a golf enthusiast or simply looking to enhance your putting skills, having an indoor putting green can be a game-changer. But the right material can make all the difference. That’s why BirdieBall is here to elaborate on the pros and cons of different putting green materials so you can find the right one for your needs!


Carpet is a common choice for indoor putting greens due to its affordability and accessibility. Carpet is a textile that is made on a loom. This becomes problematic in the realm of putting practice, because all textiles will have an inherent pattern woven into the surface. This means that when used for putting practice, the roll of the golf ball will be affected by the pattern of the carpet (made during the manufacturing process), and will therefore not roll true. This pattern is very subtle and not necessarily visible to the naked eye from a distance, but exists due to how carpet is manufactured. If you are putting on carpet, you may notice your ball finding a groove made by that pattern/weave and following that groove as it rolls. This is a telltale sign that your ball is not rolling true and is being affected by the surface. Although it does not produce a true roll, carpet is fairly durable and easy to source.


Felt putting greens provide a more realistic experience compared to carpet, but still have some challenges due to the fact that felt it is also a textile. As mentioned above, textiles are problematic because they introduce a pattern to the surface in the manufacturing process. Felt is not made on a loom, but rather undergoes a lamination process, using a needling step to hold it together. This needling step introduces a pattern similar to carpet that your golf ball will find when rolling. The surface is designed to replicate the texture and speed of a professional golf green, but this pattern makes it impossible to achieve a true rolling surface. Felt offers a better, more smooth roll than carpet because its simulated grass fibrils are much shorter than a carpet fiber, but it still falls short when replicating a true, uninterrupted roll.  

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has gained immense popularity in recent years, thanks to its excellent durability and semi-realistic feel. However, as we have discussed, turf is also a textile that is manufactured on a loom very similar to how carpet is manufactured. The man-made weave from the loom introduces the same pattern that you will see in a carpet. The synthetic fibers are usually made of nylon or other plastics that can withstand heat and the elements. The synthetic fibers aim to mimic the texture and performance of natural grass, however, the roll of the ball will experience the same inconsistencies we find in all textiles. A telltale sign of a non-true-rolling surface is a “wobble” that you may experience as your golf ball stops and settles into one of the groove patterns. The wobble effect is essentially the golf ball settling into a groove that is present on the surface. Additionally, the golf ball is rolling on top of the synthetic grass fibers, and not on the flat sub-base. This is also problematic and will make a true roll impossible. While turf has limitations in how true the ball can roll, it is an excellent choice for outdoor applications, and has great durability. However, it can be pricier than other options, making it ideal for backyard installations, high traffic settings, or those with a higher budget. Turf looks great and is aesthetically appealing, but has those drawbacks of not offering a true roll. 


These lightweight and portable greens are made of high-density foam and provide a smooth and consistent surface. The only indoor putting green on the market that is not a textile. The clear advantage of this is that BirdieBall putting greens are the only greens with a pattern free sub-base and grain feature. This means it is the only surface that will produce a true roll that is not being manipulated by the surface itself. One test that you can perform on your indoor putting mat is to perform a  roll test. Get a ramp or something you can roll the golf ball off from the same spot and in a consistent manner every time. You should see that the ball rolls to the exact same place every time. If the ball does in fact roll to the same place each time, this proves that the surface itself is not manipulating the roll of the ball. If, however, the ball rolls sporadically and ends up in different places each time, you can be confident that your putting surface is manipulating the ball’s roll. We have run this exact test on both turf and felt greens, and cannot get the ball to roll to the same spot during testing. This is because the ball is finding random grooves to follow in the woven pattern. A big red flag and something you should look for when purchasing a putting surface.

BirdieBall putting greens also are the only greens to simulate a real grain. This means that you can practice putting both against the grain and into the grain on the same surface, getting a feel for two different stimp speeds. With BirdieBall greens, you can be confident you are getting the only true-rolling surface on the market. They are also easy to set up and can be used in various locations, making them an ideal choice for golfers on the go or with limited space. 

One major drawback of BirdieBall’s indoor putting greens is that they are not as durable as some of the other options, and cannot be used outdoors. BirdieBall greens need to be treated and maintained with the same care you would use on the actual putting surface. 

When making the important choice of what practice mat to purchase, consider BirdieBall’s indoor putting green for the most authentic roll, or BirdieBall’s outdoor turf putting green for a durable option that can be used indoors or outdoors! Birdieball combines all the best features of these different surfaces to deliver a putting green that gets you as close as can be to the real thing. Visit our website to learn more about what makes our putting green so unique!

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