Ultra Durable Outdoor Putting Green (Sizes Available)
Ultra Durable Outdoor Putting Green (Sizes Available)
Ultra Durable Outdoor Putting Green (Sizes Available)
Ultra Durable Outdoor Putting Green (Sizes Available)
Ultra Durable Outdoor Putting Green (Sizes Available)

Ultra Durable Outdoor Putting Green (Sizes Available)

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You asked, and we listened!  We are thrilled to announce the outdoor putting solution! Pssst...  Don't worry, our indoor putting greens are not going anywhere, but this is a great option for outdoor use, or if you need something for very high traffic applications.   Authentic roll in a turf putting green comes down to two main attributes, heavy face weight and final shear cutting.  We provide the highest face weight in the industry.   This means there are no gaps for the golf ball to fall into during its roll.  Simply put, our outdoor putting mats keep your golf ball on your intended line.  

Here's the run-down. This outdoor turf option is grain neutral it rolls very true.  We wanted to offer the very best solution for use outdoors and in high-traffic situations that need a more durable alternative to our standard indoor putting greens. If you need an awesome and durable putting surface that can be used outdoors in the elements, this is the right option for you!

One major advantage of this outdoor offering is that there is no seam on the wider surface. 

*Please note that this is currently the only outdoor product offering available. All other putting greens listed under putting green packages and in the putting green builder are intended for indoor use only**

What sets the BirdieBall outdoor surface apart from other outdoor turf options?

Not all turf is created equal, and ours is the best of the best.  Boasting an ultra tight weave and heavy face weight. 

In addition to the quality of the turf itself, our new outdoor greens come with some of the same great accessories and features as our indoor greens.

  • drop-in cups
  • extraction flags
  • heavy rubber bumpers
  • hole plugs
  • seamless
  • portable (can be rolled up and stored away easily if need be)

Outdoor Putting Green Features

  • High quality, ultra-durable nylon turf with no seams
  • Tight-woven with a true rolling heavy face-weight
  • No grain. Stimp is in the 10-11 range
  • Available in two width options (3'4" and 6'7" *nominal inches, may vary slightly*)
  • Available in 8' - 18' lengths
  • 4 cups and flags (3 on one end + 1 on the opposite end)
  • U-bumper configuration
  • All hole plugs will be included, so the holes can be plugged at any time to take a hole out of play includes a "high-back" cup to practice extra firm putts (4 standard cups + 1 high-back cup will be included)


Our patented tech makes sure your practice pays off!


A friend turned us on to (BirdieBall) while in shelter in place during COVID. It has been the perfect supplement for practice our short game while courses are closed.

Kathy P.

These birdie balls feel just like golf balls, but don't go nearly as far. I use them mostly for chipping but like to get full strokes on them too. Great product!

Drew O.


Shave strokes with our putting greens.