We have two more Putting Masters. New additions to the BirdieBall Five Ball Pyramid Challenge wall of fame.

We can ad two more names to the Wall of Fame at the 10' distance.  Justin Sneed and Noah DiBiase.  Both completing the BirdieBall Five Ball Pyramid Challenge in the month of December.  This brings the total to six in the 10' distance WOF.   We have just one winner from 20'.  The sole name on the 20' WOF.... Aaron Davis. Yes, there is a sweet trophy and your name on the WOF plaque which is under construction, residing at HQ in beautiful, Evergreen, CO.  So, keep trying. If you don't have a BirdieBall Putting Mat, you should get one.  Just make sure you purchase the putting mat long enough so that you can make a 10' footer.  So here is the video documentation that validate these two efforts.  So let's applaud our two new documented putting maestros!  Golf clap is indeed well earned.