The US Open and Father's Day! When you are in the golf business with your family it is Father's Day every day!

Unlike any other Sunday of the year, there is an annual ritual that golfing fathers love.  It is the combination of the final round of the US Open and a day when the kids come home to Dad.

Over the last year of our 12 year odyssey in the golf business I have had the good fortune of having all of my children make their way into the family business.  Every day is Father's Day in my world.  Imagine being able to wake up every morning and rejoin your whole family at your office.  College educated (one still in college) they have found their way back here.  The best part is that we love what we do.  We grow golf.  We bring as many new people into the game of golf as any other golf organization and we are good at it. 

We love talking golf.  We love fulfilling our customers desires to have fun with their families.  We love helping you get better at a game you can never truly master.  

BirdieBall appreciates all of the support it's customers have given Birdie Ball over the years.  From a golf ball training aid that looks like a napkin ring, to the most innovative indoor putting green in the world, BirdieBall loves doing what it does.

From Dad Breaker to all the other Dads out there.  Enjoy your Father's day, enjoy the finish at Chambers Bay and enjoy that family.  I will be enjoying mine!  

Thank you!

John Breaker