ShufflePutt: Transforming Putting Practice into a Thrilling Game

Person playing ShufflePutt

At BirdieBall, we believe that practice doesn't have to be mundane. That's why we've taken a significant leap on the 'putting mat fun meter' with our new product — ShufflePutt. Combining the strategy of shuffleboard with the precision of putting, this game is the perfect way to improve your putting skills while enjoying some friendly competition.

An overview image of the ShufflePutt Green game

A Game of Skill and Strategy: ShufflePutt

The rules of ShufflePutt are simple, yet the game itself is engaging and fun. Each player takes turns putting their differently colored balls down the mat, aiming to land in the scoring areas. You can shoot for the cup for a four-point win, or play it safe and aim for the numbered scoring zones. But beware - miss the cup, and you'll find yourself in the zero zone.

A couple playing on the putting green on an outdoor patio in the snowy winter

Dual-Stimp Speeds: Adding a Unique Challenge

What sets ShufflePutt apart from other games is its dual-stimp speeds. The putting mat has a faster speed going down grain and a slower speed going into the grain, mimicking the effects of putting on a natural green. This feature not only ups the challenge but also helps players understand how grain direction can impact their putts on a real course. With a Stimpmeter speed of 10 going into the grain and 11 going down grain, players get a dynamic, realistic putting experience.

two men cheersing beers while playing on the putting green

Indoor Fun: The Perfect Entertainment for Any Occasion

ShufflePutt is an indoor game, designed to bring hours of fun to any gathering. It's a great way to stay competitive and keep your putting skills sharp, even when you can't hit the outdoor greens. Note: ShufflePutt is strictly an indoor mat and should not be used outdoors.

Get ready to experience a game that combines strategy, skill, and the joy of competition. Enjoy the thrill of ShufflePutt and take your putting practice to new heights!

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