ShufflePutt Putting Mats. Putting Practice Just Took A Big Step On The Putting Mat Fun Meter.

Even if you are the most dedicated practice putter, we just made practice more fun.   Now you can compete, show your putting prowess and get your practice while playing a fun and competitive golf game.  

ShufflePutt is Shuffle Board with a world class putting surface, two different colored golf balls, two drop in holes with cups and flags, a putter, you and a friend.

Rules are simple.  Alternate shots going in one of two directions.  One direction is into the grain and the other is down grain.  Stimp of 10 into the grain and a stimp of 11 going down grain.  Ball can go into the hole for four points, miss the hole in the hole zone for zero points, roll for 3, 2 or 1 point or fall short for zero.  Balls must stay in the scoring area for points.   Knock your opponents ball out of a scoring zone.  You could even try to knock your opponents ball out of the hole, although I have yet to see that work.