RollTech Foam Putting Green vs. Tour Grade Turf Putting Green

As the experts in at-home putting practice, we have two models of putting mats that will fit your unique putting needs. Whether you are looking for an indoor putting green to dial in your practice and finally stop 3-putting, or a durable putting green that can be used outside with the whole family.

Our two models of portable putting greens will satisfy any putting itch you have. The Patented RollTech Foam putting green mimics a natural putting green in remarkable ways and is by far the best green on the market if you are looking for realistic putting practice at an affordable price. The realistic grain and spongy sub-base offers the truest and most consistent roll, and continues to wow discerning golfers. The tradeoff of having a putting green at home that mimics a natural putting green so well does have one drawback, which is that it needs to be treated like a natural putting green in order to not get damaged. Anything that would damage a natural putting green, like high heels or dog claws, will also damage the RollTech Foam Putting Greens. The RollTech greens will last for years (even indefinitely) if treated with care. We also do have ways to repair your green if damage does occur.

If you are looking for a putting mat that is suitable to be used outside or in high traffic areas, then the Tour Grade Turf is the one for you. If you have pets or small children, the turf is also great solution for these households. While the turf does not roll quite as smoothly as the RollTech Foam Greens, these do still have remarkable consistent roll in terms of a turf surface. We source the highest quality and tightest weave/shortest turf pile, with a nice thick backing to recreate a natural putting green's grass structure. TLDR: our turf is better than the competitor's turf and is specially made for our portable putting greens. 

Below you will find a side-by-side comparison of the two models to help you decide which one is right for you!



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