Product Shots are an Undervalued Part of our New Internet Economy

Do you want to sell something online?   I suggest you take a good photo of it.   Photography in our new "Direct to Consumer" economy can be undervalued.  

Professionalism in the presentation of your products tells your customers that you care about the quality of you products.  It is often difficult to get just the right picture to show the customer what your product is all about.   Taking the time to do so however can be the difference between convincing the prospective customer that you stand for quality products.

We are lucky here at BirdieBall to work with Valdez Photography.  Take a look at the product shots on our website.  Although they are not all taken by Tom Valdez, a great many are.  That is, the best ones are.

So if you are in Colorado and need quality product shots from an expert with all the gear required to pull it off, contact Tom Valdez and @valdezphoto on twitter.

Great photographer!  Great friend.

Thanks Tom.