Michigan Golf Show Sets the High Water Mark For Consumer Golf Shows

We all know that the US Economy has seen better days.  Nowhere has been more effected by economic hard times than the state of Michigan.  After spending this weekend at the Michigan Golf Show in Novi, Michigan I am a firm believer that the people of Michigan will rebound to the great productive state it has always been.

BirdieBall goes to consumer golf shows all around the country.   Attendance at most golf shows is in the 10,000 range.  The Michigan Golf Show boasts 40,000!  Not only is there multiple times the attendance, the attendees support the golf industry and the suppliers in the golf industry!  

Most other state consumer golf shows are hard for us to travel to.   By the time you travel, ship the product, pay your employees it is difficult to rationalize attending.  Michigan not only delivers golfers, it delivers golfers who purchase American made products.  As a company selling a "Made in America" putting green, we relate to these hard working blue collar Americans. 

So, Thank You, Michigan!   Great weekend!   Great people!

See you next year