Marketing the Amazing BirdieBall. A look into some of the behind the scenes process.

We are kicking off an initiative to get the BirdieBall to the ever illusive tipping point.   The "Tipping Point", "the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point" where more people in a market are aware of a product versus being unaware of it.  Once introduced to the functionality of a BirdieBall it is truly unforgettable.   This shape will be on the planet until there is no more planet.

In the golf space we are close to the tipping point. Not there yet, but close.

We have so much pure fun when we are "BirdieBalling" that we just want to share the experience with as many people as we can. 

It can be truly joyful!

What we find is that the single most important obstacle to getting there is communicating how the BirdieBall works.  In a store setting, without a video to explain how it works, it is hard for people to understand.  The first issue is that it has to be hit in its upright position.   Hole Up!   This is very counter intuitive.     The videos below are snippets of the story.  We are knitting them up for what we hope to be a video that shows what the BirdieBall is and how it works.   

If you area a BirdieBall believer... Thank You so very much!   Thanks for passing on the love.   It does matter and is the secret to the "tipping point".