Introducing...Outdoor Putting Greens!

You guys asked for it and we heard you...introducing our brand new outdoor putting greens! You're probably familiar with our indoor greens (which aren't going anywhere, don't worry!), but we are now offering an outdoor option! These are great for your patio, balcony, backyard, etc., anywhere outside that you think needs a putting green! They are designed with a woven nylon material that makes it able to withstand all elements, while also providing a realistic putting roll (we will admit the most realistic roll is still our indoor greens, but these provide a very close putting experience and are made to last outside). The outdoor greens are a heavy face weight, making them durable and stable on the surface they are placed on. They will not blow away in the wind or move all over the place with use. If you have a spot outside that you need something to do with, these greens are a great option! 

For years customers have asked if the indoor greens we offer can be used outside, and the unfortunate answer has always been no (and still is no! - seriously, don't try to use the indoor greens outside, they will get ruined...). But, now we have a green that can accommodate everybody who is looking to improve their putting game! No space indoors? Get an outdoor green, and vice-versa! We are so excited about the introduction of this product, and think people will be very satisfied with it! So, it is with great pleasure that we say...outdoor putting greens are now available for purchase! 


  • Comes in both a 3' 3" width and a 6' 7" width
  • Available in 8' - 18' lengths for both widths
  • 4 Holes on every green (3 on one end + 1 on the other end)
  • U-Bumpers for every green

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