Happy 4th of July, BirdieBall's Biggest Day!

The 4th of July is BirdieBall's biggest day of the year!!  

With 7 Million BirdieBall's in use in the world and with the vast majority of them here in the U.S., millions of BirdieBalls will be flying in yards and parks all over America!

Not just a golf training aid.  The BirdieBall brings families together with ad-hoc golf course challenges and back and forth golf toss in urban and rural settings all over this country.  We love that we are putting smiles on peoples faces all weekend all across this great country.  Golf anywhere means bringing families together in backyards everywhere.  Every state, every age and every skill level in golf will be banging BirdieBalls and listening to the amazing sound it makes when it jumps off of the golf club face.  

We want to take just a moment to thank our military (always 20% off with code "mil20"), thank our customers and thank our country.  Happy B-Day America!  Thank you for the opportunity to make the most out of our business' and the most of our 4th of July holiday.