Golf..... a great excuse to chill! That also means relax about how you "perform".

We have all heard the saying, "Life is hard... then you die".  For some people this seams to be true.  One of the great things about golf is that if you can get away from the rat race with some people you enjoy, life becomes easy... then you live.

Life should not be stressful but it unfortunately is. Golf is a release for all that stuff we carry around all day.  Don't get me wrong, golf is not a cure for all that life throws at you.  In fact in many ways it isn't anything more than a diversion from what life is throwing at you.  But if you can pull yourself away from life for a few hours and be lucky enough to be with people you care about, it is a diversion that can ad joy to your life.  

Chilling with your favorite people.  What a great way to bring a little joy into everyone' s life.  From my point of view you don't even have to be "good" at the game of golf.  You need to be working to get good with an attitude that it is hard and that this is supposed to be relaxing.  Being self conscious about how you perform is a constraint I wish we could get rid of.  Unless you are playing in a tournament of for serious money, it just doesn't matter.  Swing hard and wiff, or hit it so far sideways that it changes zip codes.  We all have done it.  Who freaking cares.  Watch Charles Barkley or Shaq they have more bad swings with more good fun than any two people who tee it up.  Recently at a celebrity tournament, Shaq had a couple of total wiffs on TV.  It didn't even phase him.

I know that this attitude is easier said than done.  Next time you tee it up, tee it up for life, fun and the joy of being with the people you love.... away from the rat race.  CHILL even if sometimes your divot goes farther than your golf ball.  

Remember, the good shot is coming and even if it doesn't, this is about getting away from the stress, not creating more.

Remind me to read this the next time I go out and play with my favorite people.