For Jordan Spieth, His "Player of the Year" Award Started at Hole 16 at The Master's In April.

Dateline:  April 12, 2015, 5:50 PM, Augusta National, August, GA, The Masters Golf Tournament Hole 16.

Yes, I was lucky enough to be there!  My first Master's.  Sunday, final round front row on Hole 16.   Six people in contention including, Phil, Tiger,Justin, Rory and Ian.   

Honestly, I don't remember if he was up by one, two or three strokes.  It just didn't seem to matter. He had just bogeyed 15 to slip a stoke to the field. 

Looking at the tee you could see Jordan take his swing.  I lost the ball in the air but five seconds later his golf ball landed about  fifty feet above the hole.  I am thinking... "he could loose another stroke here".   As he walked by and waved with his youthful confidence you could see he was unfazed.  

Spieth, rolled the first putt about ten feet past the hole.  A good putt rolling down hill and down grain but a challenging uphill, sidehill putt was left.  Phil was making everything now and Jordan needed this putt to reel the Master's back in.

With steely nerves he walked up to his putt and as in normal with Jordan Spieth, he took one look, looked right at the hole and rolled it in.

Being there for Jordan Spieth's coming out party was one of the more memorable events of my life.   As he headed for the 17th tee everyone realized we had just seen the winner of the golf tournament.   What we didn't know was that he would win five times in 2015, including the first two legs of the Grand Slam, the Masters and the U.S. Open. He missed a playoff at the Open Championship by a shot and finished second in the PGA Championship. He set a PGA Tour earnings record with more than $12 million and won the FedEx Cup and its $10-million bonus.

I was there in the front row for what is sure the first of many, many majors.  Why?  Because he is the best putter on tour. That is true statistically and when you see him putt the golf ball in person, you understand just how good he really is.  He has a feel that is uncanny.   He just looks at the hole and knocks it in.  Uncanny!  I saw it up close and personal.  When you see the greens at Augusta National in person, you can't really believe it.  Hole 9 looks like there is a VW Bug buried underneath.  So here come the major wins.  Jordan has two and counting.