Danny Willett wins The Masters, Griffen Kunko wins Annual BirdieBall Masters Contest

OK, who saw that one coming?  Nobody.  Oh wait!  Giffen Kunko saw it coming.   Yes, as I was preparing all of the scenarios around a Jordan Spieth win, Danny Willett snapped up the win after a Jordan Spieth collapse.  

I had even tweeted out the following synopsis of the 13 Spieth entries and the tie breaker which was the total number of birdies.  Second tie-breaker was first in.  Here were the 13 "contenders".

This was after hole number nine when Spieth had a 5 shot lead.   Three holes later Jordan trailed Willett by 2.  Crazy turn of events.   

Griffen Kunko saw it coming.

Crazy pick, crazy win by Danny and Griffen.  Forever joined together in the BirdieBall Masters Contest

Griffen created his own idea for the artwork on his custom logo putting green.  This is what he had in mind.

This is the proof we created for him.  The holes will be added later.

We will post the final printed portable, six hole, indoor putting green when we finish it this week.