BirdieBall, PGA Championship Contest 2015

As promised it is BirdieBall, PGA Championship Contest time.  For the third consecutive year we are giving away a 4' x 14', 10-11 (Dual Stimp), BirdieBall Putting Green.  As always there is no cost to enter.

The contest is played on Twitter.  To enter, Tweet or re-Tweet to your followers with the winning golfers name, total number of strokes and include #birdieball.   Including #birdieball is as important as the tweet, name and score.  If you do not us #birdieball we will no be able to find you when looking for the right answer.

Example: Shuan Micheel, 280, #birdieball  (yes, I am rooting for him).  Great guy!  I have worked with him on his Make-A-Wish tournament and I correspond with him on growing the game of golf.  He is teaching his daughter the golf swing using BirdieBalls in his yard.  As a PGA Championship winner he is playing this week.  Teeing of at 12:30 on Thursday.  Good luck Shuan!!

In the case that someone picks the same golfer and score.  The first entry will win.   If you want to see what other people are picking, search #birdieball and review all tweets on the subject.

Enter just once please. 

So it is as simple as that.  Good luck, we will accept picks until the first ball is put into the air at the onset of the tournament on Thursday.