BirdieBall Makes Big Screen Debut in Major Motion Picture "STUBER"

Hi BirdieBall fam!

Popping in to let y'all know that BirdieBall has officially made it's big screen debut!

If you've seen the new comedy "STUBER", you may have noticed a BirdieBall putting green, as well as some dozen ball boxes and a BirdieTarget set up in the Sporting Goods store where the main character, Stu, works!

Candidly, we didn't know if our products would make the cut or be visible in the movie, but we were pleasantly surprised to see some of our products prominently displayed in one of the main scenes.

It's always fun to see the random places your products end up, and this one certainly made us smile. It's crazy to think of everything that goes into making a movie, and we were happy to be a small part of helping to fill the set of the Sporting Goods store with some of our products.

Go see STUBER, have a laugh, and see if you can spot the Birdieball products!

Thanks for reading!