Best Indoor Putting Green Surface?

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Exploring Indoor Putting Green Surfaces: BirdieBall Sets the Standard

Woven synthetic and felt have long dominated the world of indoor putting greens. Now, BirdieBall brings an exciting third option into the mix: a high modulus, aerated polymer foam surface. This innovation makes our putting greens among the best indoor putting greens available on the market. It's such a unique concept that it's even been awarded a US Patent (8,979,663). This blog post will explore the standout features of BirdieBall's patented indoor putting green.

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The BirdieBall Difference: A Revolutionary Surface

BirdieBall's distinct surface is created from high modulus, aerated polymer foam. This material not only creates a realistic grass-like texture but also emulates the softness of a golf course sub-base. It's this harmony of texture and feel that elevates BirdieBall's indoor putting green to the top tier, providing the most authentic putting green experience.

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The BirdieBall Advantage: Award-Winning Design

This innovative surface isn't just unique — it's also recognized as revolutionary within the golfing industry. BirdieBall has been awarded a patent for this unique design, further solidifying its position as a leading innovator in the world of indoor golfing.

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We Set the Standard

When it comes to comparing indoor putting greens, it's clear that BirdieBall sets a new standard for quality and realism. Try out our award-winning indoor putting green, and you’ll understand why we’re leading the way in indoor golf practice technology.

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