Bentley, Ferarri and BirdieBall. Three great brands!

Yes, I am smiling when I say they are three great brands.  Obviously, two of the three are a little more known than the third but hey, we are working on it.

Lots of fun to just be involved in a customer appreciation event put on by Colorado, Avid Golfer Magazine.  

Golf is such an integral part of the affluent lifestyle.  Marketing manager for Ferrari of Denver, Brett Suder said that one of the things they notice when they service the high end cars is that 90% of the time, there are golf clubs in the trunk.  

So there is not a better client in to market your automobiles to than the avid golfer.  Common sense I suppose.

We sprinkled putting greens throughout the showroom for fun and a competition if so desired.  At the end, Brett asked if he could keep a putting green for other events in the store.  So I traded him one for an unlimited Bentley rental....kidding.  

Seriously though, the Bentley's and Ferrari's made our putting greens look pretty good laying next to them and vice-versa... we made the Bentley and Ferrari brand even more notable by tying in the sport of Presidents and CEOs around the world.