Trim (2' & 3' Pieces) Trim (2' & 3' Pieces)

Trim (2' & 3' Pieces)

4' trim is out of stock and discontinued


The heavy rubber trim can be purchased to outfit the sides of your putting green so that the entire perimeter of the putting green is covered. The greens come standard with bumpers for both ends of the putting green, but you may decide at a later date you want the trim to outfit both sides of your putting green.  The heavy rubber trim helps to keep the green in place and adds a nice finished look.  Great for those greens that stay out year round, and are more of a permanent fixture in the space.


Side Trim is made out of a heavy and durable black polymer, and snaps onto the edge of the BirdieBall Putting Green.

Available in 2' long or 3' long pieces.

How much trim should I order? 

Calculate the number of lineal feet required to retrofit your putting surface.  Example: A 14 foot green requires 28 lineal feet of trim to cover both sides. Three pieces of 4’trim and one piece of 2’ trim on each side; for a total of six 4’ pieces and two 2’pieces (which equals 28’).

Email us at if you have any questions about how much trim you should purchase!


Available in 2' long, 3' long, or 4' long pieces