The Ultimate Putting Package (5 Sizes Available) The Ultimate Putting Package (5 Sizes Available) The Ultimate Putting Package (5 Sizes Available)

The Ultimate Putting Package (5 Sizes Available)



  • ½” Thick, Light Weight, Easily Rolled Away, State-of-the-Art Putting Surface with Two Stimp Speeds (Into the Grain and Down Grain)
  • 6 Cups and Extraction Flags
    • 6 standard cups, 1 high-back cup (for extra firm putts), and 6 extraction flags
  • Hole Plugs for each hole on the green. Plug up one or more, so you can choose the number of open holes at any given time.
  • Heavy Rubber End Bumpers, configured in a "U" shape to stop the ball from rolling off the green
  • Full Contour Shim Package and Challenging Hole Reduction Inserts
  • Putting Mirror to check your alignment 

About BirdieBall Indoor/Portable Putting Greens

The Birdieball Putting Green simulates the grain on a real putting green. It is engineered to be stimp-controlled, allowing you to specify how fast or slow you want your putting green. Competitor greens made with fake plastic grass is not what a natural putting green looks or feels like. A natural putting green surface is comprised of nubs of grass that allow the ball to be supported on the very top of the hyper-short blade. Our putting green surface acts the exact same way.  

We can also boast that our greens are 1/2” thick, which is thick enough for your ball to fall into the cup when you sink a putt. Other roll-away greens require you to putt uphill, on a carpet-like surface, to get enough depth to fall into a hole. And speaking of roll-away greens, the BirdieBall Putting Green can be easily rolled up and stored in a convenient storage bag. (Husbands, this usually makes the wives very happy. Happy wife, happy life.) 

If the benefits of using BirdieBall Putting Greens aren't apparent enough, know that you can place objects underneath the putting green to create different contours and breaks. The types of putts you can practice are endless.  You can practice chipping onto the green, and then finish by putting into the cup. Become a master at the short game! 

Product Specifics

  • 4 feet wide by 10'-18 long
  • Choose your Putting Green Speed: Slow (9-10), Medium (10-11), or Fast (11-13) Stimp 
  • 3 holes configured at one end of the green (against the grain)
  • 3 holes configured at the other end of the green (down grain)
  • Upgraded "U" Bumper configuration 
  • Box of Contour Shims to change the break and contour of the putting green
  • Putting Mirror- Check your alignment on every stroke


  • 6 cups and flags- 6 standard cups (+ 1 high back cup to practice firm putts)
  • 6 Bumpers for the ends of the green (3 per end/side)
  • Putting Mirror with/ Protective Sleeve
  • Box of Contour Shims and Challenging Hole Reducers
    • 1 Double Depth Cup to use with all of your single-depth (1/2") shims 
    • 18" Circle Shim (1/2" thick) with two different hole placement options to create different breaks into the hole
    • 12" Circle Shim (1/2" thick)
    • 6" Circle Shim (1/2" thick)
    • 3 long, snake-like shims
    • 6 Hole Reducers (comes with a single-depth and double-depth version of each
      • Circle "donut" Hole Reduction Insert
      • Half Moon Hole Reduction Insert
      • Small Crescent Hole Reduction Insert