When the BirdieBall was introduced in 2003, it caught a lot of attention very quickly. And how could it not? After all, it is a golf ball that looks like a napkin ring. Years later, we are still making the news with our revolutionary putting greens. We are grateful for every publication that has given us love, but here are some of our most note-worthy accolades (old and new!).


Golf Week-February 2017: Jordan Spieth rolling putts on a custom printed Under Armour putting green in Malibu, CA.

Jodran Spieth Putting Practice Under Armour.png

 Fox 31 News Denver, CO-February 2017

Fox31 Indoor Putting Greens.png 2016: 18 Best Gifts for Golfers 

Forbes Best Golf Gifts.png


Golf Chicago Magazine- October 2016: "The Good Stuff"

Best Golf Gifts Putting Green.png


Rory McIlroy FaceBook Live "Music and Sport Q&A with Bose and Dicks Sporting Goods": June 2016

Rory McIlroy Putting Green Bose.png


Jordan Spieth FaceBook Page-May 2016: BirdieBall Putting Green spotted in an Ad for the Jordan Spieth's new FatHead Decal

Jordan Spieth FatHead Promo BirdieBall Putting Green.png 


Colorado Avid Golfer- August 2012: Colorado Golf's Most Influential People 


  • bb-media-wallstreetjournal2008.png
  • Wall Street Journal
    April 2008

    “For the Golfer Who Doesn't Quite Have Everything”

  • PGA Partners Magazine
    July/August 2005

    “92% approval rating from PGA partners”

  • Specialty Retail News

    “Whole New Ball Game”
    5 page feature article

  • bb-media-readersdigest2005.png

    Reader’s Digest

    “Best Gifts under $50”

  • bb-media-goodmorningamerica2005.png

    Good Morning America

    “Best Christmas Gift”

  • bb-media-pga2005.png

    PGA Merchandise Show

    “Best New Product”

  • bb-media-golfmagazine2005.png

    Golf Magazine
    September 2005

    “Lord of the Rings”

  • bb-media-usnews2004.png

    US News and World Report
    March 2004

    “Smart Chart”

  • bb-media-businessweek2004.png

    Business Week
    May 2004

    “Handicap Aid”

  • bb-media-travelleisure2004.png

    Travel and Leisure Golf

    “Pro Shop”

  • bb-media-golfchicago2004.png

    Golf Chicago

    “Perfect Practice with BirdieBalls”

  • bb-media-denverpost2004.png

    The Denver Post

    “No Slowing the Quick Fix”

  • bb-media-golfrange2004.png

    Golf Range Magazine
    July/August 2004

    “Top Items for a Golf Pro Shop”

  • bb-media-seattletimes2004.png

    Seattle Times
    November 2004

    “One of the hottest golf innovations”

  • bb-media-avidgolf2003.png

    Avid Golfer Magazine
    July 2003

    “Must Have Items for the Discriminating Golfer”