Birdie Balls

Key Features

  • PGA award winning practice golf ball with a limited flight (only flies 40 yards with a full swing).
  • Spins exactly like a golf ball for true feedback and rewarding flight.
  • Golf anywhere - great for backyards, neighborhoods, parks, schools... ANYWHERE!

What is the Birdieball?

The BirdieBall is the revolutionary off course golf “ball” that has won numerous awards and garnered much attention in the golfing world. It is a limited flight ball that looks like a napkin ring and will only fly 40 yards with a full swing. The remarkable thing, though, is that it feels like a golf ball coming off of your club-face, and reacts like a golf ball in flight. You can hook, slice, draw, and fade. The BirdieBall will give you instant feedback. The BirdieBall is truly revolutionary, and the winner of the prestigious “Best New Product” award at the PGA merchandise show in 2005 (when it was introduced to the pros).  You will know when you have made good contact with the BirdieBall by the uncanny “turbine” sound that is produced after a good whack. It is an extremely gratifying sound. For beginners and golf pros alike, you will truly be amazed. 

Is the Birdieball legitimate? Is the BirdieBall Patented?

You bet. BirdieBall was voted "Best New Product" at the PGA Merchandise Show in 2005. BirdieBall has been featured in 100's of periodicals, with more on the way. Good Morning America, ESPN, The Golf Channel, Fox Sports, and all major networks have had rave reviews to share about the BirdieBall. BirdieBall is endorsed by many of the Top 100 Golf Instructors in the Country, and has received a 92% approval rating from the PGA Partners Club Testing Center!  Legit. 

And yes, the BirdieBall is patented! US Patent # 7,300,357 and EU Patent #1494766

What are the benefits of the BirdieBall?

If you've ever hit another type of practice ball (like a perforated plastic wiffle ball or a cork or foam ball), you know how unsatisfying it is. They don't feel or fly like real golf balls. BirdieBalls do.  In fact, Avid Golfer Magazine says "you'll swear you're whacking a Pro V-1".

Experiencing the “true feel” and seeing the “true flight” of this amazing practice ball will improve your ability to control a real golf ball.  The BirdieBall is safer than practicing with a real ball, and a great way to introduce kids to the game.

BirdieBalls can be used in small outdoor areas, and can even be chipped indoors.  Along with The StrikePad, you can take your golf game anywhere, and practice any time of the year. 

BirdieBalls look like napkin rings. How can that possibly work like a golf ball?

Alright, time for some physics…When you hit a golf ball it has reverse spin on an axis. If that axis is horizontal, the ball goes straight. Tilt the axis right or left, and the ball will slice or hook. The BirdieBall spins exactly like a golf ball, so it slices and hooks just like a golf ball would, but only for a very limited flight.

For a right handed golfer, when a golf ball fades (goes slightly right during its flight) or slices (goes far right during its flight), its axis is tilted from left to right. When it draws (goes slightly left during its flight) or hooks (goes far left during its flight), its axis is tilted from right to left.  The BirdieBall has been engineered to mimic that same flight path.  Giving the golfer instant and rewarding feedback.

Because of the BirdieBall’s non-aerodynamic design, it begins to stop the second it leaves your club. The non-dimpled surface, as well as the straight sides resist flight.  This causes the ball to feel like a golf ball when you hit it, and allows the BirdieBall to hang in the air as long as a real golf ball that is traveling five times farther. 
It’s amazing. It’s science. 

How far will the BirdieBall fly?

BirdieBalls fly about 40 yards on average with a full swing. You can even practice your chipping, and the ball can travel as little as 10 feet. The BirdieBall has a remarkably satisfying ball flight; flying just far enough to show ball flight but short enough that you can hit and retrieve them with minimal effort. Further, because the BirdieBall has golf-ball-like-reverse-spin and two flat sides, they do not have forward roll when they land. In fact, they back up on most surfaces. 

Does the distance change with different clubs?

The average golfer can hit The BirdieBall about 40 yards with a 6 iron.  As the irons go up, the distance will increase by a few yards.  The Velocity Tee will allow you to tee up the BirdieBall and use a driver or fairway wood.  When hitting a BirdieBall with a driver, it can fly up to 60 yards.

Are BirdieBalls a good training aid to use for golf instruction?

Yes! They are the best golf training aid for golf instruction on the market.

BirdieBall has a slightly higher center of gravity than an ordinary golf ball.  As a result, it is easier to get airborne. Once airborne, the axis tilts like a golf ball (right to left, left to right, or remains parallel). Further, the ball has a heavy feel even though it is only traveling forty yards. No golf nets are required, no golf course is required.

With the cambered StrikePad, you can literally teach a class anywhere with 40 yards of space, even inside a gymnasium.  The StrikePad releases as you hit down and through, so the student can simulate taking a divot. Artificial surfaces such as astro turf and the like do not allow for the proper down and through motion. Another remarkable feature of the StrikePad is the golf swing and proper plane is drawn right on the StrikePad's surface, allowing students to visualize where their club-head should be. Imagine teaching with this tool and then allowing your student to take the golf course home with them. It is revolutionizing practice and golf instruction alike.

BirdieBalls are in over 7,000 schools in addition to Nike Golf Learning Centers, The McGetrick Golf Academy, The American Junior Golf Association, The Professional Golfers Career College, The High School Golf Coaches Association, Junior Prep, Open Fairways and the PGA sponsored First Tee programs.

We sell 3, 6, and 9 hole field sets which include everything you need to set up a courses in space the size of a football field.  Or throw the StrikePads down on the baseline of the gymnasium floor and have a mini driving range.