Meet BirdieBall... the golf innovation company. We are far from ordinary with our patented, ground-breaking  products.  We create golf equipment that allows golfers and non-golfers alike to enjoy the game away from the course... in the comfort of your own backyard or basement. Our namesake product, the BirdieBall, is a remarkable limited flight practice ball that allows you to practice a full swing while only flying 40 yards. Think home plate to second base.  More recently, our innovative putting green technology has revolutionized how people all around the world are practicing putting at home.  Our indoor putting greens are as close to a natural green as you’ve ever seen.

Our goal has always been to make golf accessible and fun for everyone.  We want to grow the game of golf by removing the intimidation and making the game approachable.  Our products are made for everyone, and are designed to be great for practice, but mostly, great for having fun! Our products are for both the serious, low handicap golfers who are looking for practice, and for the families and groups of friends who are looking for their next backyard game obsession.

We are a small, family business based in the foothills of Colorado. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and love what we do. We strive to always have a smile on our faces, and we hope that our products will put a smile on yours. We prioritize our customers above all else and endeavor to always exceed expectations. We invite you to join the BirdieBall family.