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Hole Cutter



The BirdieBall Hole Cutter is a handy tool that can be used to cut your own holes in your putting green once you receive your green and set it up. Useful for seaming projects, existing putting greens, and for people who want the flexibility of choosing the perfect hole placement to fit their putting needs.

The standard hole cutter is the same size as the regulation hole on any golf course (4.25" in diameter). The hole cutter is also the same size as the BirdieBall putting green cup, and works in conjunction with the BirdieBall cup and flag system.  

It is like a cookie cutter and easy to use (though vey sharp!). Just place the hole cutter on the surface of the putting green in the desired position and turn the hole cutter while pressing down.

The plastic hole cutter will work with all BirdieBall indoor putting greens (both classic and double depth). If you are looking to cut holes in a BirdieBall outdoor putting green, or any other existing artificial turf or carpet, you will want to choose the metal option.

(SMALL HOLE CUTTER IS BACK-ORDERED- We also offer a small hole cutter (2.5" in diameter) that can be used to cut smaller holes in your green for a more difficult aiming target. The small hole cutter is also useful as a tool to repair your putting green. If you find yourself with a small tear or hole in the surface, simply cut out the damaged part of the surface and then replace with a plug of fresh un-damaged material.) Email questions@birdieball.com for questions on availability of the small hole cutter.

Product Specifics

Standard Hole Cutter: 4.25” in diameter (available in plastic and metal)



Standard Hole Cutter:
4.25" in diameter