Event Rentals

Do you want to have one of our incredibly popular BirdieBall Inflatable Targets at your next event? Creating endless hours of entertainment, we can provide you with everything you need to put on a unique and ridiculously fun party. Great for fundraisers, golf tournaments, business parties, junior golf camps, hole-in-one competitions and more! The possibilities are endless.

We have a wide array of Inflatable Targets that can appeal to adults and kids alike. Use one of the standard Air Targets or the popular Black Jack Air Target for all of your adult events, and one of our Animal Inflatables for the kids! Our best seller, The BirdieRex, will make such an impression on people, they won't stop talking about it for weeks. Seriously BIG fun!

Click on the products below to learn more specifics about each one.

  • birdieball-original-airtarget.jpg
    Air Target Rental $400
  • spoke-blackjack-birdieball-air-target.jpg
    Spoked Air Target Rental $400
  • golfzilla-white-background-80773-1467396378-500-750.jpg
    BirdieRex Rental $500
  • in-1002-golfopotomas-56303-1415133233-500-750.jpg
    Golfopotomas Rental $400
  • Golfaroo Rental $400
  • Golfigator Rental $400
  • AirShark Rental $400
  • in-1001-giant-driving-net-nike-logo-58846-1415131719-500-750.jpg
    Giant Driving Net Rental $500
  • Lightweight Driving Net Rental $400

Each rental comes with a continuous blower, 200 BirdieBalls and 4 StrikePads, as well as instructions on how to set the system up. We will send you all of the equipment along with shipping labels to send everything back to us. Shipping each way is estimated at $75 for a total of an additional $150. If you are lucky enough to live in Colorado, come by and grab one from us to save on shipping!

Please call 1-866-807-3348 for availability and to set up your event rental!