Double Depth Stance Mat Double Depth Stance Mat

Double Depth Stance Mat



The stance mat allows you to stand off to the side of your putting green, and allows you to be on the same surface level as your green so your form isn't compromised. The stance mat helps to maximize the entire surface area of your BirdieBall putting green.

This stance mat is 1” thick and can be used with all of the Double Depth 1” thick greens. Especially useful for the 2' wide and 3' wide greens where there isn’t always enough space to stand and putt at the same time.

Product Specifics

  • Stance mat dimensions: 2’ wide x 3’ long x 1” thick
  • Heavy black rubber trim bonded to both 2' sides
  • Ships flat, and should be stored flat





2' wide x 3' long x 1" thick