Contour Shims & Challenging Hole Reducers

Contour Shims & Challenging Hole Reducers



Here is a fun Box of Shims!  These are great accessories for the creation of breaks and elevation changes.  Experiment with different breaks, hills, and holes.

To be placed under the putting green, this bag of contour shims will allow you to make countless different breaks on your green. Make a left-to-right break, a right-to left break, the hole twice as deep, the hole smaller, and so much more. The possibilities are endless. 


- 1 Double Depth Cup to use with all of your single-depth (1/2") shims

- 18" Circle Shim (1/2" thick) with two different hole placement options to create different breaks into the hole

- 12" Circle Shim (1/2" thick)

- 6" Circle Shim (1/2" thick)

- 3 long, snake-like shims

- 6 Hole Reducers (comes with a single-depth and double-depth version of each)

  • Circle "donut" Hole Reduction Insert
  • Half Moon Hole Reduction Insert
  • Small Crescent Hole Reduction Insert


This video shows you what you will receive and how to use the shims for break creation and hole reduction. *Please note this is an old video and the bag is no longer included!!*