BirdieTarget BirdieTarget




This lightweight and portable target is ideal for at-home practice and is just plain fun. The BirdieTarget collapses flat to fit into a small storage bag, and can be used in either a full upright position or in a “half-moon” orientation. Perfect for use with BirdieBalls, but can also be used with real golf balls. Score!  

Benefits of the BirdieTarget

  • Practice made fun results in more efficient practice. The BirdieTarget rotates 360 degrees, allowing golfers to approach the target from any side. Golfers can now set up a series of golf holes through the park, or even in their own backyards!
  • The BirdieTarget allows you to practice your short-game virtually anywhere.
  • The BirdieTarget has an arched backstop that forces the BirdieBall down into the base and keeps the ball inside the target.
  • BirdieTargets can be used indoors or out. Practice your chipping right in the office.
  • BirdieTargets collapse and are easily transportable.

Product Specifics

  • 11" Diameter
  • 12" Tall when fully expanded