What Is A BirdieBall?

BirdieBall is the limited flight practice golf ball that you can hit anywhere. It’s the best golf training aid invented this century. What’s so unique? It has a limited flight distance of 40 yards, but it feels and flies just like a real golf ball. It draws and it fades, but with a limited range so you can have your own backyard driving range.

PGA Award Winning Practice Golf Ball

Limited Flight. 40 Yards with a Full Swing.

Spins Exactly like a Golf Ball.

True Feedback and Rewarding Flight

Golf Anywhere.

Great for Backyards, Neighborhoods, Parks, Schools... Anywhere!

About BirdieBall

BirdieBall is the revolutionary off course golf “ball” that has won numerous awards and garnered much attention in the golfing world. It is a limited flight ball that looks like a napkin ring and will only fly 40 yards with a full swing. The remarkable thing though, is that it feels like a golf ball coming off of your club face and reacts like a golf ball in flight. You can hook, slice, draw and fade; giving you instant feedback. They are truly revolutionary, and the winner of the prestigious “Best New Product” at the PGA merchandise show in 2005 when it was introduced to the pros. You will know when you have made good contact with the BirdieBall by the uncanny “turbine” sound that is produced after a good whack. It is an extremely gratifying sound. For beginners and golf pros alike, you will truly be amazed.